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"The Ralph Mercado Documentary" (working title)

"The Ralph Mercado Scholarship Fund" 

I am developing this site in honor of my father, Ralph Mercado. He was a visionary and entrepreneur who believed in his mission to carry Latin music worldwide, bridging cultural gaps long before Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were even on the scene.  His desire to promote Latin music at the greatest venues around the world, afforded many artists access to platforms reserved for priviledged few. He dedicated his life to recognizing talents and bringing people together to make history like never before and never to be repeated.

For a little something on RM's life: tap here

*  *  *
Before his passing I made 2 promises to my father:

I will...

1 - produce a documentary
2 - create a scholarship fund

... in his honor.

*  *  *
I am on a winding path, steadfast on these goals.

Originally the following message was posted the day he "left". Many beautiful words have come through. Expressions of joy, sorrow and profound gratitude are what people have had to share.  These treasures will be incorporated into the ongoing works listed above.

If you'd like to send a prayer or message of well wishes...


Thank you sincerely for your continued love & support,

Damaris L. Mercado
(on behalf of the Mercado family)

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